Hangar One Scottsdale | Private Event Space | Scottsdale Airpark

Scottsdale Airpark has quite a few fun venues - and you would never know it if you didn't know it! Hangar One in Scottsdale had an Open House last week - and what a spot this is. Well really it is several spots - a privately owned, 5 building hangar complex. Of course there is a large airplane hangar, that's a necessity after all since we are at an airport! :) But there is lovely outdoor area , perfect for cocktail hour, two separate indoor spaces for events - one a private dining room with a rooftop terrace. Truly a special spot.

Here is a great description taken from their website: 

Scottsdale Hangar One is a privately owned, five-building hangar complex and flight club located at the Scottsdale Airpark. The approximately 140,000-square-foot facility can accommodate up to fifteen aircraft in its two 30,000-square-foot hangars. A 108-ft.-long aluminum “paper” airplane adorns the roof. Interior spaces are luxuriously furnished with custom fixtures, upholstered ceilings, exotic stone and terrazzo floorings, mahogany, ebony, and other rare woods; silk and wool carpeting; Onyx wall panels, and top-of-the-line building automation and audio-visual systems. An approximately 68,500-square-foot multipurpose facility adjoins the hangars and includes below-grade parking, premium office space and entertainment space.

This says it all. A truly unique spot.